Principle Photography Wrapped!

Principle Photography Wrapped!

After a busy and amazing 3+ weeks, we've returned from filming in Kenya. Now we're organizing the 100's of hours of footage and audio in preparation for editing the final film. We hope to have a completed film before the end of the year and will be working diligently to make it happen throughout the summer. 

We are also still raising funds to cover the sizable costs of finishing the film, so please consider visiting our fiscal sponsor, the International Documentary Association, and lend your support to this important project!

Here is a link to a little "sizzle" reel so you can see just a glimpse of some of the amazing footage we captured while in Kenya!

Thanks again for you support!

The Hunter Legacy team


Mount Kenya Trust: The final filming location

Mount Kenya Trust: The final filming location

Our last filming location in Kenya this coming May will be on the flanks of Mt. Kenya with the Mount Kenya Trust.

A World Heritage site located just 12 miles north of the equator and rising to rugged, snowy peaks at 17,057’ (5,200m), Mt. Kenya is the 2nd highest mountain in Africa and is a vitally important ecosystem that provides water to millions of people and habitat to many iconic African wildlife species. Beneath the striking alpine peaks and dense forests lies a landscape of rich biodiversity existing immediately next door to dense —and growing— populations and extreme poverty, both of which pose constant threats to these critical ecosystems.

Established in 2000, The Mount Kenya Trust was set up to help protect and restore the integrity of the forests and wildlife of Mt. Kenya. The Trust works in close partnership with government agencies and other non-profit organizations to protect the ecosystems and wildlife of Mt. Kenya. They take a holistic approach to protecting the integrity of Mount Kenya’s resources by involving the local community in project partnerships, increase educational opportunities, recovering deforested lands, increasing habitat connectivity, conducting anti-poaching operations, and mitigating human/wildlife conflicts.

Learn more at

Ol Pejeta Conservancy: Week three of filming.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy: Week three of filming.

Our third week of filming will be spent in and around the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, located northeast of Nairobi in the shadow of 17,057’ (5200m) high Mt. Kenya, Africa’s 2nd highest mountain. 

The Ol Pejeta Conservancy works to conserve wildlife, provide a sanctuary for great apes and to generate income through wildlife tourism and complementary enterprises for re-investment in conservation and communities.

Ol Pejeta is the largest black rhino sanctuary in east Africa, home to two of the world’s last remaining northern white rhino, and until just a few weeks ago, home to Sudan, the last male northern white rhino. It is the only place in Kenya to see chimpanzees, housed in a sanctuary established to rehabilitate animals rescued from the black market. It has some of the highest predator densities in Kenya and manages a very successful livestock program on a portion of the conservancy that shows that wildlife conservation and ranching can work together. Ol Pejeta also supports and runs programs for the people living around its borders aimed at improving education, healthcare and infrastructure for the next generation of wildlife guardians.

Ol Pejeta is also the home of our guide and focus of The Hunter Legacy, Alex Hunter. Alex bases his safari and conservation work from the Ol Pejeta Bush Camp on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, where we will spend several days learning about his life growing up and living in East Africa.

Learn more about the Ol Pejeta Conservancy here.

As our feature as the Doc of the Week at the International Documentary Association comes to close tomorrow, please consider making a donation towards our post-production expenses by visiting our IDA fundraising page. All donations are tax deductible.

The Tsavo Trust: our second stop during filming this May

The Tsavo Trust: our second stop during filming this May

After we depart the Chyulu Hills, we will spend a day and a half driving overland to Satao Camp and the operational area of the Tsavo Trust.

Founded in 2013 by Richard Moller, one of Kenya's most respected conservation managers, the Tsavo Trust is an action orientated, field-based, Kenyan not-for-profit conservation organization that works to give the wildlife and people of Tsavo the right to a future.

Headquartered on Tsavo East National Park’s northern boundary, the Tsavo Trust is made up of an experienced team of conservation and wildlife management professionals dedicated to protecting wildlife and habitat as well as promoting community engagement in conservation. Their area of operations holds significant wildlife populations, both inside and outside the National Parks, including extremely large numbers of high value species - elephant and black rhino (40% and 18% of Kenya’s populations, respectively); some of the oldest, biggest, and last of their kind.

To effectively meet their goals, the Tsavo Trust is focused on three core activities:

·      Wildlife Conservation Program

Operates as a reliable and key conservation partner to the Kenya Wildlife Service through the provision of aerial and ground support, observation, and reporting. This relates to not only monitoring and data collection, but also mounting responses to any imminent threats.

·      Community Conservancy Program

Develops and stewards self-governing, community-led wildlife conservancies within the Tsavo Conservation Area, including the fostering of partnerships with other organizations already working in support of wildlife, habitats and communities in the Tsavo ecosystem.

·      Animal Welfare Program

Develops the Tsavo Sanctuary - a rescue center for the care, rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured and sick small mammals indigenous to the Tsavo Conservation Area. A strong emphasis is placed on animal welfare and local community education.


Learn more at

Big Life Foundation: our first stop during principle photography in May!

Big Life Foundation: our first stop during principle photography in May!

Over the next few days, we'll explore some of the places that we'll be visiting during principle photography next month in Kenya. 

Our first stop is with the non-profit Big Life Foundation in the Chyulu Hills of southern Kenya. We'll spend 5 days camping in the field, meeting with Big Life wildlife rangers and conservation staff protecting the flora and fauna of the region, before moving to their headquarters and spending time with Big Life's Executive Director and founder, Richard Bonham. 

The Big Life Foundation Co-founded in 2010 by Richard Bonham, Nick Brandt, and Tom Hill to protect 2 million+ acres of habitat in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro region of Kenya and Tanzania. Big Life believes in community-based collaborative approach that employs local Maasai rangers, tracker dog teams, aerial surveillance, and partnerships with the Kenyan Wildlife Service to protect vulnerable wildlife in the region, including the endangered Eastern Black Rhino and one of the greatest populations of elephants left in East Africa.

Their current active campaigns are: 
To prevent poaching. 
To track and apprehend wildlife criminals using tracker dogs.
To improve fencing and husbandry practices for herders and farmers to prevent conflicts with wildlife.
To invest in education programs on conservation topics by developing conservation curriculums, funding teachers’ salaries, and providing scholarship funds for local students.
To compensate herders for animals killed by predators if through no fault of the herder.
To mitigate impact of wildlife interactions due to competing land use with humans.
And to support the biennial Maasai Olympic event to eliminate lion hunting from the Maasai culture, among others.

Learn more about the Big Life Foundation and the work they do at

We're back!

We're back!

With a new year, we've had some time to revisit this film and are now happy to announce that we are getting back to work on this project, with photography planned to begin this May.

We’ve changed the focus so that Alex Hunter (Kenyan citizen, safari guide, conservationist, and grandson of the guide of the 1937 Sykes hunting safari) and his family legacy are center to the film. Preliminarily, producer Hunter Sykes will be on camera at times, acting more as an interviewer/host inspired by his family’s films and journals from 1937. 

We will follow Alex in his home, his camp, guiding safaris, showing us conservation in action throughout Kenya while addressing the pressing issues of conservation, human/wildlife interactions, and local politics. We will also dive deep into his family’s legacy in the region and with wildlife conservation. The Sykes footage and journals will be prominent in showing Africa as it was and in addressing the Hunter family’s legacy, but will no longer take center stage.

With a much tighter focus on one person, and a much cheaper cost for production, we will be able to spend upwards of 3 weeks in Kenya with Alex and thus capture much more captivating footage for the film.

We will be updating the website over the next few weeks, so please stay tuned for updates on the project as we move forward and thanks for your support!

Funding Campaign Update

Funding Campaign Update

Hello all, 


Sorry it's been a bit since our last update, we took a much needed family break before we begin the prep for filming this fall!


Our funding campaign garnered about $12,000 (after fees) from both Indiegogo and through our fiscal sponsor. These funds will allow us to cover the permits that we need to film in Kenya and Tanzania as well as some additional production expenses. While not as much as we'd hoped to raise, it is still a significant amount and very helpful!


Thus we are a go to start filming! Deposits have been made for the safari portion of our shooting schedule in Tanzania, our travel logistics are being finalized, and we prepare to head to Oregon to shoot background in a month.


All of this is only possible with your generous support, so from the The Hunter Legacy team, THANK YOU!

Two weeks left in our Indiegogo funding campaign, and some big changes!

Two weeks left in our Indiegogo funding campaign, and some big changes!

Hello everyone!

We have two weeks left in this fundraising campaign and have raised more than $3000 from the Indiegogo page and almost $9,000 through our fiscal sponsor partner, the International Documentary Association.

We had hoped that our Indiegogo campaign would be a bit more successful to this point, but every dollar helps, so we'll keep at it and encourage you, our supporters, to share this campaign with your friends and family!

Also, you may have noticed that we've changed the title of the film to The Hunter Legacy to better reflect the trichotomy of the subjects of the film (Hunter Sykes and Alex Hunter) as well as the legacy of hunting shared by both families. African Legacy was always a working title, and we feel that the new title reflect better upon this film.

We've also upgraded the project homepage with more information and an easier to read format, so head over and take a look!

Lastly, we'd like to extend a big thanks to our latest supporters:  Dominika S, Melissa and Adam N, Ryan M, Judi P, Eva M, Sandie M, and Gretchen T.   

Our profound thanks for beliving in this project!

One Week In!

One Week In!

A week ago we launched our first crowdfunding campaign for African Legacy. This first campaign is focused on raising funds to be used in principle photography later this year. As of today, we've raised almost $10,000 from both the Indigogo platform and through our fiscal sponsor, the International Documentary Association

We still have a long way to go, and your help in our efforts are a big part of that. Please take the time to mention your support of the film with friends and family and share our funding campaign and website on social media.

Here's to all of those that have pledged their support for African Legacy so far!

Bonnie Sykes, Judi Perlstein, George and Marge Jentopolus, Neil Littman and Whitney Matteson, Carter and Lindsey Trout, Rebecca Kujawa, Sara and Gary Bender, Barb and Dan Erkkila, Christopher Sabatino, Charlie Nichols, Rose and Dave Carey, Josh and Liz McKearin, Sarah Morris, Andrea Konduc, Donna Luzzi, Rob and Amy Webb, Jamie Schectman, Jen Perlstein, Sarah Coe, Xiao Hui Chin, Karen Laughlin, and Heidi Larson. 

Our profound thanks for beliving in this project!

We are excited to be launching our first crowdfunding campaign this week!

We are excited to be launching our first crowdfunding campaign this week!

We’ve been working on Coldstream Creative’s latest documentary feature film, African Legacy for the past year now, and it’s been a long road to get this project off the ground. At last we on the cusp of starting principle photography for the film, but we need your help to take us over the that final threshold.

So far, we’ve raised approximately 30% of our project budget, but transporting our production team of nine to the wilds of East Africa is a daunting and expensive prospect, and your support is needed to provide for travel, accommodations, film permits, and the gear rentals necessary to spend three-plus weeks filming in Tanzania and Kenya this coming November. 

I hope that you will consider supporting African Legacy by making a donation during our funding campaign on Indigogo. We have some great awards and benefits for all levels of support, including digital “thank yous,” links to the finished film, access to a variety of other films and music by our talented production team, beautiful professional photographic prints of iconic African wildlife, and at the top, an all-inclusive three night stay at Alex Hunter’s Ol Pejeta Bush Camp with Alex as your host and safari guide!

Please take some time to check these awards out and learn more about the film on the Indigogo project page here. If you would like to make a donation and would prefer a tax benefit in lieu of an award, please visit our fiscal sponsor link here. At the very least, I hope you would share this campaign with friends, family, and anyone that would find this project interesting!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, for clarifications, or any other concerns, and THANK YOU for your support!

All our best,

The African Legacy team!