A week ago we launched our first crowdfunding campaign for African Legacy. This first campaign is focused on raising funds to be used in principle photography later this year. As of today, we've raised almost $10,000 from both the Indigogo platform and through our fiscal sponsor, the International Documentary Association

We still have a long way to go, and your help in our efforts are a big part of that. Please take the time to mention your support of the film with friends and family and share our funding campaign and website on social media.

Here's to all of those that have pledged their support for African Legacy so far!

Bonnie Sykes, Judi Perlstein, George and Marge Jentopolus, Neil Littman and Whitney Matteson, Carter and Lindsey Trout, Rebecca Kujawa, Sara and Gary Bender, Barb and Dan Erkkila, Christopher Sabatino, Charlie Nichols, Rose and Dave Carey, Josh and Liz McKearin, Sarah Morris, Andrea Konduc, Donna Luzzi, Rob and Amy Webb, Jamie Schectman, Jen Perlstein, Sarah Coe, Xiao Hui Chin, Karen Laughlin, and Heidi Larson. 

Our profound thanks for beliving in this project!