With a new year, we've had some time to revisit this film and are now happy to announce that we are getting back to work on this project, with photography planned to begin this May.

We’ve changed the focus so that Alex Hunter (Kenyan citizen, safari guide, conservationist, and grandson of the guide of the 1937 Sykes hunting safari) and his family legacy are center to the film. Preliminarily, producer Hunter Sykes will be on camera at times, acting more as an interviewer/host inspired by his family’s films and journals from 1937. 

We will follow Alex in his home, his camp, guiding safaris, showing us conservation in action throughout Kenya while addressing the pressing issues of conservation, human/wildlife interactions, and local politics. We will also dive deep into his family’s legacy in the region and with wildlife conservation. The Sykes footage and journals will be prominent in showing Africa as it was and in addressing the Hunter family’s legacy, but will no longer take center stage.

With a much tighter focus on one person, and a much cheaper cost for production, we will be able to spend upwards of 3 weeks in Kenya with Alex and thus capture much more captivating footage for the film.

We will be updating the website over the next few weeks, so please stay tuned for updates on the project as we move forward and thanks for your support!