Over the next few days, we'll explore some of the places that we'll be visiting during principle photography next month in Kenya. 

Our first stop is with the non-profit Big Life Foundation in the Chyulu Hills of southern Kenya. We'll spend 5 days camping in the field, meeting with Big Life wildlife rangers and conservation staff protecting the flora and fauna of the region, before moving to their headquarters and spending time with Big Life's Executive Director and founder, Richard Bonham. 

The Big Life Foundation Co-founded in 2010 by Richard Bonham, Nick Brandt, and Tom Hill to protect 2 million+ acres of habitat in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro region of Kenya and Tanzania. Big Life believes in community-based collaborative approach that employs local Maasai rangers, tracker dog teams, aerial surveillance, and partnerships with the Kenyan Wildlife Service to protect vulnerable wildlife in the region, including the endangered Eastern Black Rhino and one of the greatest populations of elephants left in East Africa.

Their current active campaigns are: 
To prevent poaching. 
To track and apprehend wildlife criminals using tracker dogs.
To improve fencing and husbandry practices for herders and farmers to prevent conflicts with wildlife.
To invest in education programs on conservation topics by developing conservation curriculums, funding teachers’ salaries, and providing scholarship funds for local students.
To compensate herders for animals killed by predators if through no fault of the herder.
To mitigate impact of wildlife interactions due to competing land use with humans.
And to support the biennial Maasai Olympic event to eliminate lion hunting from the Maasai culture, among others.

Learn more about the Big Life Foundation and the work they do at www.biglife.org