After we depart the Chyulu Hills, we will spend a day and a half driving overland to Satao Camp and the operational area of the Tsavo Trust.

Founded in 2013 by Richard Moller, one of Kenya's most respected conservation managers, the Tsavo Trust is an action orientated, field-based, Kenyan not-for-profit conservation organization that works to give the wildlife and people of Tsavo the right to a future.

Headquartered on Tsavo East National Park’s northern boundary, the Tsavo Trust is made up of an experienced team of conservation and wildlife management professionals dedicated to protecting wildlife and habitat as well as promoting community engagement in conservation. Their area of operations holds significant wildlife populations, both inside and outside the National Parks, including extremely large numbers of high value species - elephant and black rhino (40% and 18% of Kenya’s populations, respectively); some of the oldest, biggest, and last of their kind.

To effectively meet their goals, the Tsavo Trust is focused on three core activities:

·      Wildlife Conservation Program

Operates as a reliable and key conservation partner to the Kenya Wildlife Service through the provision of aerial and ground support, observation, and reporting. This relates to not only monitoring and data collection, but also mounting responses to any imminent threats.

·      Community Conservancy Program

Develops and stewards self-governing, community-led wildlife conservancies within the Tsavo Conservation Area, including the fostering of partnerships with other organizations already working in support of wildlife, habitats and communities in the Tsavo ecosystem.

·      Animal Welfare Program

Develops the Tsavo Sanctuary - a rescue center for the care, rehabilitation and release of orphaned, injured and sick small mammals indigenous to the Tsavo Conservation Area. A strong emphasis is placed on animal welfare and local community education.


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