Our last filming location in Kenya this coming May will be on the flanks of Mt. Kenya with the Mount Kenya Trust.

A World Heritage site located just 12 miles north of the equator and rising to rugged, snowy peaks at 17,057’ (5,200m), Mt. Kenya is the 2nd highest mountain in Africa and is a vitally important ecosystem that provides water to millions of people and habitat to many iconic African wildlife species. Beneath the striking alpine peaks and dense forests lies a landscape of rich biodiversity existing immediately next door to dense —and growing— populations and extreme poverty, both of which pose constant threats to these critical ecosystems.

Established in 2000, The Mount Kenya Trust was set up to help protect and restore the integrity of the forests and wildlife of Mt. Kenya. The Trust works in close partnership with government agencies and other non-profit organizations to protect the ecosystems and wildlife of Mt. Kenya. They take a holistic approach to protecting the integrity of Mount Kenya’s resources by involving the local community in project partnerships, increase educational opportunities, recovering deforested lands, increasing habitat connectivity, conducting anti-poaching operations, and mitigating human/wildlife conflicts.

Learn more at www.mountkenyatrust.org