The Hunter Legacy production team is less than a month away from our departure to Kenya for principle photography! Flights booked, ground logistics completed, and shooting locations nailed down.

We'll be spending 7 days filming in the Chyulu Hills with dedicated conservation personel of Big Lifeand among the big "tuskers" of the region, then another 6 days in and around Tsavo East National Park before heading north to Alex's home on the Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Mt. Kenya National Park.

We will spend much of this time on foot in the bush, tracking wildlife, learning about the challenges faced by conservationists, local herders and farmers, and the local wildlife, much of which are endangered. 

While we now have a green light for filming, we still have a large need of funding to help cover the costs of post-production. Please consider supporting this film by making a donation with our fiscal sponsor, the International Documentary Association