Hello friends!


I just wanted to give you all an update on The Hunter Legacy film. We just made the film trailer public this morning and are starting to ramp up interest in the film as we head into festival season. We are currently submitted to 20 festivals located in Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Kenya, and the U.S, running from this September through early spring 2020 and with the hope that we’ll get into a few more as we gain some momentum from the first showings. If all goes well, we’ll garner enough interest to develop a distribution deal and be able to show the film to a much wider audience. We will start hearing back from those festivals that we’ve submitted to at the end of the week, and hopefully we’ll know when and where we will be making the world premiere of the film by mid-August.


Please consider sharing the link to the trailer on your social media in an effort to garner more support for both the film and for the individual organizations we highlight in the film as one of our goals with this film is to bring greater awareness and support for the critical conservation work that they all do!

Here’s the link to the trailer: https://vimeo.com/350411990


Best to you all!